How To Buy

How to Buy

We gladly offer up to 3 free samples for testing purposes. Please see our samples page to submit your request.

When ready to place an order, please call our office at 209-334-9112 , email us at, or fax our online order form to 209-334-1311. We will need the following information below. Please keep in mind that our production will need all orders in (including confirmation the sales order is correct and payment if you are on Cash terms) at least a business day before ship date. Larger orders, of course, will require more lead time. Our goal is to get your order to you in the most timely manner possible, while maintaining the integrity and quality of our products.

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We contract with the best freight and shipping carriers available and pass down our discounts directly to our customers. You do have the option, though, of arranging your own shipping. We will happily work with the carrier of your choice and provide pick up dates and weights.

We do not ship over the weekend as we cannot guarantee the carrier will maintain storage conditions necessary to retain the quality of the product. For this reason, we plan the ship date according to our customers’ needs as well as transit duration. If transit should take 5 days, we recommend you arrange a refrigerated truck (as we do not arrange refrigerated trucks). Recommended transit times vary depending on the season. All single strength grape juice orders must ship on refrigerated trucks.