Varietal Grape Concentrate

Varietal Grape Concentrate

Our grape concentrates are made from the highest quality grapes, locally sourced, and 100% all-natural. They are pasteurized and concentrated to 68 Brix, and they are vegan, gmo-free, and halal certified. While they are used widely in the wine industry, they are quickly becoming popular in beer brewing and have many applications in the food and beverage industries, among others.

Grape concentrate offers infinite possibilities for wine making. Grape concentrate can be used to add sweetness to your wine, enhance body, round out the mid-palate, and intensify color. Winemakers use varietal grape concentrates before or during fermentation to increase final alcohol content, post-fermentation to raise residual sugar levels, and just before bottling to stabilize color. Custom blends & bulk discounts available.

We sell bulk grape concentrate in the following sizes: 275 gallon tote, 54 gallon drum, 6 gallon pail, tanker load


Hi-Color 8000

*Available in the following quantities:
50 gallon drum
6 gallon pail
1 gallon container

*Available for bulk orders only.

**Due to an unusually light grape crop, a few of our 2021 varietal grape concentrates are in much lower supply than usual. Unfortunately, we have made commitments to our contract customers and may prematurely run out of stock. We apologize for this inconvenience. It is our mission to supply you with all of your needs, but this year's crop and limited market have hit us all very hard. Please inquire as to any complementary concentrates or our Vino Blanc and Vino Rosso concentrates which may suit your needs, and let us all hope for a better and more bountiful harvest next year!