Liquid Malt Extracts

Bulk Liquid Malt Extract

Liquid malt extract (LME) is a key ingredient in the beer brewing process. Our liquid malt extracts are 80 Brix with a specific gravity of 1.415. Our pale and extra pale liquid malt extracts are composed of 100% two-row barley, and our wheat malt is a combination of two-row barley and white wheat. All of our liquid malt extracts are vegan and gmo-free. From bold to ever-so-smooth, we'll help you craft a taste that’s uniquely yours.

LME Varieties

  • Pale
  • Extra Pale
  • Wheat

We sell bulk LME in the following sizes: 55 gallon drum, 16 gallon mini drum, 5 gallon pail

For more information about our malt extracts or to place an order, please visit our brewing site, Alexander’s Sun Country Malt Brewing.